Lee Klinger Lesser talks about Honoring the Path of the Warrior

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HPW provides free-of-charge, one-day events and retreats throughout the year.  These programs offer a unique combination  – engaging activities, nature and community with mindfulness-based tools – that are effective in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and other difficult emotions that many veterans experience.  Read more on our About pages.

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Mindful coverHPW is thrilled to be on the cover of Mindful magazine, February 2015 issue. View the 12-page story written by Pulitzer-prize winning author, Katherine Ellison, with photographs by McNair Evans here.  Kathy and McNair participated in and documented our 2014 Annual Whitewater Rafting retreat this past summer. VIEW ARTICLE.


Would you like to receive a copy of HPW’s Guidelines for Creating and Facilitating Mindfulness Events with Veterans? This is for prospective facilitators as well as other Practice Centers interested in offering similar programs. Click here.

Upcoming Events

Jul 20-24:  Whitewater Rafting Trip

Aug 8th: Annual Family and Friends Day, Crissy Field

Aug 15:  One-Day Event at Green Gulch Farm

Oct 4:  One-Day Event (location TBD)


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