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Who We Are

Veteran’s PATH, our new name for Honoring the Path of the Warrior, represents our continued commitment to supporting veterans as they return to their communities. More than ever, we’re committed to reaching and empowering more veterans with tools for rediscovering their inner strength to experience the Peace, Acceptance, Transformation and Honor they deserve.  Listen to Executive Director, Lee Klinger Lesser talk about our name change

HPW provides free-of-charge, one-day events and retreats throughout the year.  These programs offer a unique combination  – engaging activities, nature and community with mindfulness-based tools – that are effective in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and other difficult emotions that many veterans experience.  Read more on our About pages.

“I can honestly wholeheartedly say that during the five days I spent at Tassajara last year, I  had more remarkable healing… than I have had in six years of therapy… “  ~ Meg Lowry, Marine Corps Veteran

“The act of pulling a trigger from a man made weapon on another human being has shattered my person. You both have given me the hope and energy I need to some how find a way to try to put my shattered soul back together.”
~ Steve Lewis, US Army Veteran