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PACIFIC SUN: Writer and editor, Molly Oleson wrote this cover story for Pacific Sun, in the July 29-August 4 issue, about Veteran’s PATH after attending one of our one-day events at Green Gulch, Finding Refuge.

MINDFUL: Pulitzer-prize winning author, Katherine Ellison and photographer, McNair Evans attended our 2014 Whitewater Rafting trip; view their amazing 12-page spread here.

NY TIMES: Regular columnist and award-winning author, Samuel G. Freedman, went to our 2014 Women Veterans retreat and published this story on June 28, 2014.

You can also view the photos the NY Times photographer took of the retreat here.

HUFFINGTON POST: Writer and blogger, Colleen Morton Busch writes about Veteran’s PATH on Veterans Day – Bringing Home To The Soldier. Read the article here.

SHAMBHALA SUN: Veteran’s PATH is featured in this Shambhala Sun article about the San Francisco Zen Center, written by Colleen Morton Busch, published in the September 2012 issue. Thanks to both Colleen and Shambhaha Sun for their permission to print this article.

TRICYLE: Dr. Jay Michaelson, the author of Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment, blogged about the speaker that moved him most at the 2013 Wisdom 2.0 conference: Marine Corps veteran, Meg Pinsaco, who spoke about her military experience, Military Sexual Trauma and Veteran’s PATH.


The Battle Within: Sexual Violence In America’s Military – a photo essay, by Joel Christie for the MailOnline
Pulitzer Prize finalist photo journalist and former Washington Times photographer, Mary Calvert, has compiled a photo essay that attempts to expose the widespread sexual harassment of women in the American military that is going unreported.

More articles coming soon.