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HPW offers a variety of programs throughout the year.

One-Day events are held approximately once a month, unless a retreat or Practice Period is happening in that month. These programs give new veterans an opportunity to experience Veteran’s PATH, and provide community and practice for returning participants. Visit the One-Day Events page for more information about what happens during a one-day event.

Retreats Veteran’s PATH currently holds two retreats per year: the annual Whitewater Rafting trip, and the Annual Women Veterans Retreat. Visit the Retreats page for more information.

Veteran’s PATH holds a 3-month Practice Period for women veterans who attended the retreat in the fall. We will be adding a men’s Practice Period in 2017. Please visit the Practice Periods page for more information.

In 2014, Veteran’s PATH held our first 8-month Veteran Leadership program for five women and five men veterans. This program will conclude in September 2014, and a new cohort will begin in 2017. Veterans are being taught professional facilitation skills and are bing mentored in their mindfulness practices and abilities to co-facilitate Veteran’s PATH programs.