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Veteran Leadership Program

Veteran’s PATH launched the 2-year Veteran Leadership program in 2014. We launched this program in the firm belief that it is a reflection of the efforts and intention of every veteran who is a part of Veteran’s PATH. Every person’s practice and presence enriches and deepens the way forward for everyone else. Veteran’s PATH is filled with leaders and many veterans who could have participated in this program. It was hard to limit the program to ten veterans. We honor and appreciate all of the veterans who contribute so much to the Veteran’s PATH community!

For the pilot program, we invited a diverse pool of participants, based on: different branches of military service, different experiences while in the military including both being deployed to combat zones and not being deployed, officers and enlisted, different ethnicity, different family structures, some people have experienced military sexual trauma, some people have been injured. We have a wide expanse of experience so that we can be as effective as possible in connecting with and serving a wide pool of veterans. Five men and five women were selected to participate in this program and have been mentored to co-facilitate Veteran’s PATH events, to bring their strengths and experiences to supporting and encouraging other veterans, and to broaden and expand Veteran’s PATH’s capacity to offer programs. They all bring commitment, compassion and dedication and we are honored to walk this new path with them.

We plan to kick off another 2-year program with a new cohort in 2017.

See who our veteran leaders are here.