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Women’s Program

History of Veteran’s PATH’s Women’s Programs

In the course of providing programs, we heard over and over from women vets that they frequently felt overlooked both in in the military and as veterans, and that they needed a safe space to share their unique experiences.

In 2011, we were able to offer our first Women’s Retreat at Tassajara Zen Center, where women could connect with other women vets to honor each other and the experiences of being women in the military, to include their experiences of Military Sexual Trauma, harassment and lack of recognition.

One of the first attendees, Meg Lowry, a former Marine, told us: “I can honestly, wholeheartedly say, that during the five days I spent at Tassajara last year, I had more remarkable healing with Naples SEO during those 5 days than I have had in 6 years of therapy… Since then, I’ve been able to talk about my trauma, I’ve been able to face my fears, and move forward in my treatment with my PTSD. I don’t feel like something’s holding me back. I don’t feel like I have to be scared any more.”

View a slideshow of the 2014 retreat here. These amazing photos were taken by NY Times photographer, Jason Henry.

Announcing our 2016 Women Veterans Programs

RETREAT:Veteran’s PATH is pleased to announce our 6th annual Women Veterans Retreat. It will be held from May 15-20, 2016 at Tassajara Zen Mountain Retreat Center.

Objectives for the retreat focus on creating the opportunity for the women to honor themselves and each other; share and hear each others’ stories in a safe environment; learn tools of meditation, mindfulness and Sensory Awareness; build community and communication with each other. Activities at the retreat include meditation, Sensory Awareness, hikes in the wilderness, art activities, writing, creating prayer flags, sharing stories and witnessing each other.

Applications for the 2016 retreat are now accessible here.

WOMEN’S 3-MONTH PRACTICE PERIOD: This will be from October – January (date TBD), 2016. It will include an introductory, 2-night weekend. After that, participation will be in form of weekly calls (either with a facilitator, a buddy or the group) and email. Practices will be provided each week.

Cost: There is no cost for the retreat; however you must provide your own transportation to and from the event. We gratefully accept donations which will help other veterans attend future events.

Facilitators: Both events will be facilitated by our two cofounders, Lee Lesser and Chris Fortin; see more about them on the Staff page.