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Overview Of The Class Action Lawsuits Related To Talcum Powder

29 Jan

Overview Of The Class Action Lawsuits Related To Talcum Powder

Although talcum powder has been used for decades, it has now been linked to ovarian cancer. There have been many lawsuits that have gone up against the company Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical giant that is responsible for the production of this product. Although it is used on babies, and adults use this as well, it is through extended use where cancer seems to have the potential for developing. Although no scientific evidence has been presented which conclusively shows that this is true, there have been millions of dollars paid out to women that have developed ovarian cancer, some of which who have died, as a result of using talcum powder for many decades. Here is an overview of some of the talcum powder lawsuit information that were brought against Johnson & Johnson as a result of what talcum powder purportedly can do.

How Can Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

This cancer begins in what is called the peritoneal cavity. This is where the ovaries are located within females. It is thought to travel through the genitourinary tract. It can do so because women are placing this in their underwear on a continual basis, sometimes for decades. It is the prolonged use of talcum powder, sometimes to mask certain smells, according to the women, that it is capable of producing this detrimental effect. However, despite modern science not being able to prove otherwise, Johnson & Johnson has lost a considerable amount of money to those that have developed this cancer, and those that have died from this disease.

Who Are Some Of The People That Have Won These Lawsuits?

Although many women have successfully won their lawsuits, the one that has been awarded the most money was back in 2017. $417 million was awarded, specifically to a receptionist, who had developed ovarian cancer. There have been thousands of women that have been part of class-action lawsuits against this company. They go all the way back to 1971. Some of these women are from Tennessee, Missouri, and Los Angeles. What is interesting is that, despite having no medical evidence to support their claims, they have been awarded this money based on the circumstantial evidence.

What Is The Circumstantial Evidence?

The circumstantial evidence that is presented is based on three specific premises. First of all, these women have been using talcum powder for decades in most cases. Second, there are no warning labels on talcum powder regarding the potential of developing cancer. Third, Johnson & Johnson was proven to have hidden specific information that specifically stated that there could be medical concerns regarding the prolonged use of talcum powder. The fact that they tried to hide this information is what has led to them losing so much money. Instead of coming out and stating what it could do, they chose not to, and that is why they have lost to so many women that have developed this condition. Although the main focus is on the health of the women, and how it has damaged their lives, the reason for their victories has to do with paperwork and an intent to hide these possibilities.

What Has Johnson & Johnson Done In Response?

Johnson & Johnson has decided to create a secondary product which is made of cornstarch. This was developed years ago. However, because of the lawsuits, they are spending a substantial amount of money in developing this particular type of powder. Science has shown there is no correlation between the use of cornstarch and prolonged use leading to cancer. Therefore, it is a viable alternative that can produce similar results, without the possibility of developing ovarian cancer.

Will Talcum Powder Still Be Sold In Stores?

Since there is no scientific evidence to show otherwise, you will continue to be marketed as a product that can be used on babies and adults. The reason that it may have led to the development of cancer has nothing to do with the product in and of itself. It is the repetitive usage of this product that seems to lead to the problem. In most cases, people are not going to use this for three or four decades. However, those that have, and have subsequently developed ovarian cancer, are living proof that this is a possible development through prolonged use. Many of the women that have sued have died, and because of that, it is a very serious topic. That is why Johnson & Johnson, although they did appeal the initial decisions, is doing all they can to make this right.

Is There A Way To Prevent This From Happening?

The only way that this can be prevented completely is through not using talcum powder. The other possible way to avoid ovarian cancer is not to use this on a daily basis. By looking at the results for those that have developed this condition, it’s always because they have used it for decades. Although some women have only used it for a short period that was awarded money, it is clear that prolonged usage is the primary factor involved in developing ovarian cancer when using talcum powder.

These lawsuits will continue to arise as women continually use talcum powder, believing that it’s not going to do anything to them. It is likely to not cause these problems if intermittent use is substituted for using this every day. It may also be avoided by switching over to cornstarch-based products instead which is what millions of women that use this have done. Either way, despite the lack of scientific evidence to prove otherwise, it is clear that something is happening and Johnson & Johnson will continue to field lawsuits, many of which the will end up losing if there are women that have similar problems.